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About Us and Services

Tutors at Math Tutor Beverly Hills are professionals who have a high level of academic achievement and are currently working on their graduate degrees. They provide tutoring in their field of expertise and also stand as role models and mentors for their students.
Instruction is provided to K-12 and college level students. Tutors specialize in math (K-8), pre-algebra, algebra 1 & 2, and geometry. Tutors also provide tutoring in various other subjects including English, history, science, psychology, and study habits.  
Tutoring lessons are provided in the comfort of your own home or can be scheduled in public locations within the community. Lessons are tailored to the individual needs and learning style of each student.

Many students hate math because they do not have a solid foundation and understanding of math concepts. They struggle as classes become more advanced and attribute their difficulties to personal qualities and preferences. Although individuals strengths and preferences vary, many students start to like math once they start succeeding in their courses. Other students want to maintain or move ahead. Either way, we can help! 

Our goal is to empower students so they can have the confidence and knowledge to tackle their academic challenges and to pursue their dreams.  
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