Math Tutor Beverly Hills                         (310) 968-1594 - A wise teacher makes learning a joy.

Tutoring & Educational Services  
     *test preparation 
     *master specific subjects & improve grades 
     *homework help  
     *strengthen organizational, time management, & study skills 
     *increase cognitive flexibility and problem solving ability in novel situations 
     *promote self esteem, motivation, creativity, & willingness to take risks  
     *teach students how to learn effectively & efficiently.  

*Psychotherapy & Coaching services now provided too. Inquire further about style and rates if interested.

Hourly Tutoring Rate


Buy 5 hours for $375   ($75/hr. Save 6.3%) 

Buy 12 hours for $840 ( $70/hr. Save 12.5%)**

**Hours must be used within 5 weeks  
All prices are subject to change due to drive time and packages are non-refundable.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation: Lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged at the set hourly rate.  
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