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5 Study Tips for Math (Part 2)

1.Distinguishing similarities vs. Differences

Go over the titles of each lesson and be able to distinguish how they are different    and similar.
*How was yesterdays homework lesson different than today?
*What is the difference between problems in each subsection of your homework?
* How is this chapter related to and different from the previous chapter?
2.Be able to explain these differences.
*Explain what the difference is out loud.
            This helps to organize what you have learned.

11 Study Tips for Math (Part 1)

Study Tips for Math:
  1. Read titles of chapters and lessons prior to completing the lesson.
  2. Read any highlighted terms and pay attention to diagrams/charts. They often contain important information.  
  3. Go over your class notes before you start your homework.  
  4. Do the practice problems in the beginning of each section (even though they are not a part of your homework).  
  5. This may be seem obvious but complete your homework and check your answers.
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