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"Absolutely terrific!"- Judy, Beverly Hills, CA 

Yasi's made such a difference in my daughter's math comprehension. She's very patient, extremely well organized and comes prepared to take her responsibility seriously. I'm very pleased!

"The best!"- Michelle, Beverly Hills, CA 

Yasi is the best tutor my children have ever worked with. My son, a D student before, was on the honor roll 6 months later, and she kept him on it for 3 years! She is the best!

"Great insight into learning geometry."- Beth, Sherman Oaks, CA 

Yasi is amazing and knows exactly how to work with the material to make it user friendly. Our daughter was doing well in geometry, but she wanted to spend extra time with the material and have a better understanding of it for exams. Yasi not only reviews the material already learned, but also works ahead to explain the material ahead of time, so when it is discussed in class there is a better foundation for learning the topic. It's been only a few weeks, but already my daughter is seeing progress and is more confident in the material and her mastery of it. Thanks Yasi!

"Patient, Clear and Incredibly Helpful"- Rhonda, Los Angeles, CA 

Yasi helped me with a Research Proposal for one of my (undergraduate) Psychology courses. She was very patient, organized, and immediately set me at ease at a time when I was feeling very nervous about embarking on such a labor-intensive project. I believe that I earned an "A" on my paper because of Yasi's input and guidance. I HIGHLY recommend her for any undergraduate or graduate-level work, needless to say high school level and under.

"Awesome!"- Cristen, Los Angeles, CA 

Yasi is so great, we love her! she has a great way of communicating so that my daughter understands her. She's very patient and kind.

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